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TEKMASH® engineering and technology center provides services for the development of optimal feeding rations for young cattle and pigs in order to raise the profit margins of cattle and pigs farming.

The scope of works in this sphere comprises:

  • studying farms fodder resources;
  • research and analysis of an overall situation with the fodder production technologies and feeding arrangements, as well as available feed varieties used in the farms;
  • selection of fodder mixes ingredients and components of animal feeding rations based on available fodder resources;
  • development of recommendations for any necessary adjustments in traditional feeding rations of a particular farm in order to reduce the cost of animal raising thanks to the introduction of pasty fodder mixes based on legumes and crops (soy, peas, wheat, barley, etc.), soy milk, peas milk and their combinations;
  • development of software for the calculation of balanced fodders ingredients.

In order to determine which model of TEK-SM equipment will suit your needs best, please fill out this form and send it to us.

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Tel./fax: +380 (552) 31-29-49
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