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TEKMASH® group offers a turn-key business: a new product, gelly-like soy paste with unique ingredients, a number of food products recipes based on this soy paste, technology of their production, universal production equipment based on a hydrodynamic unit with a set of detachable nozzles.

The industrial and intellectual property rights for this equipment, its operation principle, and production technology are protected by patents in Ukraine and Russia, by developed technical specifications and technological instructions (TUs and TIs), PR publications, conclusions of Sanitary and Epidemics Inspection Authorities, etc. Three international patent applications have been submitted for the above mentioned inventions and technology.

TEKMASH® technology and equipment allows producing high-caloric pasty mixtures with an increased content of proteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids, monosaccharides, vitamins and fiber. These mixtures can be used as fish, meat and vegetable pts, burgers, meat balls, pastry, protein and fruit shakes, etc. Wasteless processing technology allows manufacturing products at the lowest cost possible.

Possible areas for the new business launch (potential customers):

Franchising as the form of cooperation.

A Client and TEKMASH conclude a sale contract for the purchase of the equipment, technology, new product recipes based on gelly-like soy paste. From the moment of contract signing, the Client becomes a TEKMASH PARTNER. At the same time the Client receives a package including a series of technical specifications (TU or standards), technological instructions (TIs), Sanitary and Epidemics Inspection Authorities conclusions, recommendations, recipes, patent copies, etc. The transfer is supported by a contract, which secures the Client's rights for the production of goods and use of the specified intellectual property.

Besides, TEKMASH® provides further assistance in PARTNERS product sales:

Payment methods: PARTNER makes

Other forms of cooperation are also possible:

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